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Staying Connected in the Fitness Community

Saturday, February 4th 2017 was a big day for both Flex Bakery and Breakout Fitness, both from North Haven, CT. Breakout Fitness hosted an Open House, where members formed teams of two to race against the clock to perform 100 reps of burpees, wall-sits, push-ups, wall balls, jump rope, and hanging leg raises. Meanwhile, Flex Bakery was stationed nearby selling individual packs and half dozen bags of Snickerdoodle and Double Chocolate Chunk protein cookies.

I ran into a ton of people I recognized from when I worked at Club 24, and it was so awesome reconnecting with everyone after almost five years. It’s even more amazing to see how loyal they are to their trainers, Toney Titus and Evan James, who previously trained at Club 24 before opening their own Crossfit-style gym. These guys have such a strong passion for what they do and who they work with; they genuinely want their clients to succeed both in and out of the gym. Their dedication is inspiring, towards both my business and personal fitness goals.

Customer Love

Flex Bakery Snickerdoodle protein cookie

One of Toney’s clients, Steve, was pretty excited to get his hands on a Snickerdoodle cookie. He was a regular at my protein shake station when I worked at Club 24, always ordering his favorite strawberry shake, so clearly the man knows what he likes and sticks to it. Hopefully he feels the same way about my cookies 😉

One Step Closer

I came to the event hoping for the best, but not expecting it. I ended up surprising myself by selling out of my four dozen cookies in stock by 10:30 AM, when the event started at 8:00 AM. This was the first promotional event where I was selling cookies rather than offering samples and handing out marketing material. Even as I’m typing this, I can’t believe my dream of having a successful business is starting to shape into a reality. It was a blessing and a curse to tell people “Sorry, we’re sold out”. However, we got a few orders placed for this week!

The Aftermath

So most vendors would probably pack up and bounce once the event ended, but not my crazy self. No, I worked out afterwards, and my mom joined me (Momma Mong!) for an ass-kicking, sweat-inducing, heart-racing circuit led by Toney. (Evan stood in the balcony and watched/commentated, one of his many talents.)

My workout was in the red, and mom’s was in blue. Each round I had to decrease my dead lift reps by 1 (starting at 10), and increase my pull-up reps by 1 (ending at 10). Let me tell you, this current program I’m doing with high volume lifts and minimal cardio did not prepare me for Toney’s torture. That rowing machine can stay out of my life for the foreseeable future, please. Fifteen calories to burn seemed like nothing at first, but it ended up being my least favorite part of the circuit.

Even though we were both exhausted halfway through, Mom and I finished all the rounds in a little over 28 minutes. Despite both being rear-ended by a drunk driver back in August, Toney avoided reactivating our back injuries and motivated us the whole way through. I’m so proud of my mom for sticking it out, and grateful to have her as a great support system by coming to all my events!

I’m super excited with how today went overall, and even more pumped about Breakout Fitness’s next Open House in April where I’ll be back with different flavors, and more in stock!

Stay tuned!


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